Ferocity vs Finesse: Cyborg vs Holm

Well, Ninjas....I am not 100 percent sure who takes this one...

UFC 219's main event is a study in contrasts. On one hand, there is Cris Cyborg....Ferocious, Dominant, this woman fights like her hair is on fire....dangerous...like, SCARY dangerous...think, Clubber Lang dangerous, coming straight at you with every intention of depositing your head somewhere out past the 3rd row....yeah....THAT kind of dangerous.

And then we have Holly Holm....Measured, Subtle, Some have even called her fighting style cautious. But pay close attention and don't let her unassuming demeanor fool you. Her footwork and angles remind you that there is a SCIENCE to the striking game, after all, and she may very well be one of the sports best students.

How does Cyborg win?

In this writers' opinion, simple....Let loose with her trademark ferocity and overwhelm Holm early. If she manages to catch Holm behind the curve before she has had time to settle in, it could be a short night for the Jackson/Winklejohn camp. Mind you, this is MUCH easier said than done. If you have ever listened in on Greg Jacksons' advice to his fighters in between rounds, you might be surprised at what you hear. Actually, you might be surprised at what you DON'T hear. The man is truly a master of his craft. He doesn't yell and scream...he simply points out whats going right or wrong and offers adjustments. He speaks so matter of factly, the fighter cannot help but stay calm and listen...Hell, Greg Jackson calms ME down between rounds, and my ass is sitting here safely on the couch! Holm will need every bit of poise and focus she can get, because Hurricane Cyborg is coming to wreck shop. Do NOT try to stand in front of Cyborg and brawl...that woman will hurt you. That being said, If she can weather the storm early and manage to frustrate Cyborg by making her miss.....well, boys and girls, Holm may shock us all once again. Cyborg fights on raw aggression, dangerous while the fire is burning, but this approach could also tax her cardio.

Holm needs to survive rounds 1 and 2. Once the aforementioned hurricane has downgraded to a tropical storm, Holms' skill and poise can take over. Just listen to Greg, young lady. Keep your head...preferably attached to your shoulders......WAR HOLM!



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